Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Do I have to have a prescription for my supplies to be billed to insurance?
        Yes, all items billed to insurance require a prescription and proper justification for the supplies being ordered. Remember coverage is never guaranteed and will require insurance verification prior to shipping.
      2. How long does the referral process take?
        Once paperwork is processed by our office it is then sent to your doctor office for completion and signature. Our intake department continues to follow up with the doctor office until the paperwork is received.
      3. Who do I call with questions about my supplies?
        Contact our friendly customer service staff at 1-800-850-0483 Option 1
      4. Once I place an order for supplies, how long should I expect before receiving them?
        Within 2 business days, as long as the item is available in our distribution center. Should there be a back order or delay, our customer service staff will notify you once we are made aware.
      5. Who will deliver my supplies?
        Your items will be shipped directly from our distributor and delivered by UPS.
      6. How can I purchase a product not covered by my insurance?
        Since there are many rules and regulations which dictate the way we sell products. Please contact our Customer service staff at 1-800-850-0483 Option 1 and they will guide you through the process. All items must be pre-paid before the supplies are shipped.
      7. How do I get you my prescription for supplies?
        If you received a prescription from your doctor office for supplies we are providing to you/your family member. Please email any prescriptions received to our office at Please include the clients name, date of birth and address in the email.
      8. How do I change my address information after I have requested an order?
        You will need to contact out office at 1-800-850-0483 Option #1 for Customer Service. Please note that we are unable to process any order without speaking with you.
      9. How will I know it is time for my shipment?
        Each month an automated call is generated and sent to all clients as a reminder for them to contact our customer service department. This reminder to notify you that your order may be available for processing. Please remember that it is your responsibility to contact our customer service department to process all orders.